HIStalk Labs: Companies to Interview 5/22/13

This is a first of a series of posts that will cover smaller healthcare IT-related companies. Many, though not all, are startups.

Every few weeks, we will provide a brief description of several companies that sound interesting. You will vote which one you’d most like to learn more about via the poll in the right column of this page (or here). We will interview an executive of the winning company here on HIStalk Connect.

The choices this week are:

Kinsa Health offers a thermometer that plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone (and soon Android.) It connects patients with doctors, and uploads anonymized data to their cloud repository to help track disease outbreaks via crowdsourced data.

TrialReach provides a platform for clinical research organizations (CROs) to ruse for their targeted marketing campaigns.

Nonin offers a small pulse oximetery measurement device for home use. It sends data wirelessly to an iPhone or Android via Bluetooth, where it can be visualized over time. The company expects to receive FDA clearance in August or September.

Ovuline’s  big data-driven fertility tracker integrates with quantified self devices such as Withings and FitBit.

BioAid is a hearing aid for iPads.

Zephyr has developed a wireless chest harness that measures heart rate, breathing rate, ECG, posture, and more. They company recently release its third-generation device since the original received FDA clearance in2010.

Kyle Samani is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about healthcare, technology, and startups.

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