Introducing Health Sensor Laden Smartphone Cases


In its most recent product launch, Samsung announced that the new Galaxy S5 would include a heart rate monitoring sensor which won near universal praise from digital health columnists. Observers quickly noted that Apple seemed to be falling farther and farther behind in the digital health space race. The Samsung Galaxy product family now offers three models of smartwatch, an activity tracker, and a smartphone that has a core health and wellness app that integrates and centralizes data from all the other devices.

Apple, on the other hand, has legions of increasingly jaded followers who have long been waiting for the rumored iWatch, which may or may not deliver on the health tracking rumors ascribed to it. Stepping in to capitalize on the growing gap between Samsung and Apple is Azoi Mobile Technologies and their newly unveiled smartphone case, Wello.

Wello is a super-slim iPhone case that comes packed with more digital health sensors than even Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. The case measures blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and temperature. It can also capture an ECG and comes with an attachment that measures lung function. The sensors that capture this data are embedded within the case and connect with four contact points that you touch with your fingers. The case is powered with an independent battery that does need to be recharged, but Azoi claims the battery life will last around two months for average users.

The case sends the data it collects to an app that will allow users to store values and track changes over time. Azoi suggests that the app will integrate with activity trackers and wireless scales to allow users to paint a complete picture of health over time. The company has already confirmed that it will support integration with Fitbit activity trackers. Multiple profiles can be maintained so that different family members can use the same device.

The big hurdle for Azoi to overcome will be Wello’s $199 asking price. Also, Azoi does not have FDA approval yet. The company is taking preorders and plans to ship to US customers by the Fall of 2014. Non-US customers will see their units during the summer of 2014.

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