Kaiser Permanente Launches an API for App Developers

6-4-2013 7-42-42 PM

Kaiser Permanente announces that it has developed an application programming interface called Interchange that will allow developers to access and integrate data into third-party applications. Information such as provider office locations, hours of operation, and specialty will be made available immediately, with additional data sets being made available over time. The overall vision for the project is more grand and ambitious.

"As we release new data sets and begin to harness device-generated data, there is potential to see a new era of hyper-personalized, patient-centered apps that will change the way our members and communities engage in their health." – Phil Fasano , executive vice president and chief information officer, Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser hopes that the initiative will expand the variety of accurate and effective apps available to its consumers. The API  inauguration will be kicked off with a code-a-thon on June 5-6 during the Health Data and Innovation Week.

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