Keas Pivots Again, More Network than Wellness Program

2-6-2013 6-31-46 AM

Employer wellness vendor Keas announces a new platform and executive team. The company, which has had recent success selling a platform to companies to help engage employees around wellness games, is extending to be more of a workplace social network than simply a wellness game platform.

It appears that Keas wants to be a Facebook-like social network for the enterprise dedicated to health and wellness since it offers walls and posts. It integrates data from third parties such as Fitbit. It also allows the human resources department to send health-related messages such as flu shot reminders.

HR departments will eat this up, though I’m not sure employees want another network at work. I wonder why Keas didn’t try to add itself as an app onto an enterprise social network like Yammer or Jive? I’m betting that Keas wants its own wellness app store (Fitbit, Withings, LoseIt!, etc) and remaining in a silo helps with that goal. If nobody has launched a wellness network add-on for Yammer and Jive, they should.

Keas was founded in 2009 and was originally built as a marketplace for care plans. It quickly realized that consumers in 2009 — and now in 2013 — aren’t out looking for care plans, so it pivoted to become an employer wellness platform. Now it’s an employer wellness social network.

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