Lumosity Building World’s Largest Dataset on Human Cognition

6-23-2013 12-00-05 PM

San Francisco-based startup Lumosity is opening its database to researchers working in the field of neuroscience. Lumosity now has the world’s largest and fastest-growing database on human cognition, collected from 40 million users who have collectively completed nearly one billion “brain games.”

Lumosity’s Human Cognition Project has opened this data up to researchers who are using the information to explore the relationship between cognitive training and a host of conditions, such as: ADHD, TBI, stroke, MS, and schizophrenia. Over 1,500 researchers from all parts of the world are participating in the Human Cognition Project. In addition to ongoing research, more than 20 papers have already been published thus far based in part on data housed within Lumosity’s datasets.

Founded in 2007, Lumosity publishes “brain games” designed to help users increase cognitive abilities. The app is currently attracting 100,000 new users a day and draws in 17 million unique users per month. Prior to Lumosity, there has never been a platform capable of drawing in such a diverse and comprehensive dataset to support neurological research.

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