Medicare and Simplee Bring Transparency to Medical Billing


Simplee, commonly known as the of healthcare, announces that it has partnered with Medicare to integrate patient billing and claims information with the site’s platform, allowing Medicare patients the ability to track healthcare expenditures and process medical bill payments on the site.

The majority of Medicare patients maintain eligibility with a second insurance plan through their employer, resulting in a complex claims process that involves several independent organizations. Simplee has, over time, earned the reputation of providing end users with an easy to understand, consumer-friendly dashboard which enables claims tracking and medical bill payment processing. Simplee is the first company in this market space to support Medicare claims processing.

Last year, Simplee processed over $500 million in payments. In 2010, there were 48 million registered Medicare recipients, accounting for $5 billion in distributed benefits. This marks a significant increase in potential end users for Simplee.

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