mHealth Alliance Publishes Roadmap to Sustainable mHealth Funding

2-24-2013 11-08-19 PM

In an effort to spur both innovation and deployment of sustainable mHealth solutions in low- and medium-income nations, the mHealth Alliance publishes a reported called Sustainable Financing for Mobile Health (mHealth): Options and opportunities for mHealth financial models in low and middle-income countries. The report aims to tackle “who pays for mhealth, and at which stage is their investment most needed and appropriate?"

The report ran a value chain analysis — an analysis of all steps taken to get from kickoff to sustainable organization — for five mHealth applications that address (a) demand and awareness; (b) performance and accountability; (c) quality monitoring; (d) supply chain awareness;  and (e) financial barriers. The findings were a bit of a letdown as the authors listed out fairly obvious conclusions rather than offering many actionable recommendations.

“The fundamental conclusion from the various value chain analyses contained in this report is that to achieve financial sustainability implementers must successfully transition from operational dependence on funding to reliance on economic buyers.” – Executive Summary, Sustainable Financing for Mobile Health

As expected, there is no silver bullet when it comes to monetizing mHealth initiatives. Ultimately, the title promises more than the report delivers.

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