mHealth Placebo App Hits IndieGoGo

5-15-2013 9-53-30 PM

A team of researchers and developers is exploring the placebo effect and its place in the mHealth marketplace. Their Placebo Effect app claims to harness the power of the placebo effect and channel it into tangible and customizable goals, such as relieving stress after work or helping students focus before classes.

The placebo effect is a unexplainable improvement in condition after a subject of a clinical trial is given a placebo. Placebo Effect Director Daniel Jacobs explains that it does not matter if the user knows the treatment is a placebo. Research has disproven the notion that deception is required for the placebo effect to work. Thus there is no scientific reason why a self-described placebo app could not generate the same types of improvements.

At this stage, the app is little more than a demo prototype. Placebo Effect is currently fundraising on IndieGoGo.  The company is seeking $50,000  to complete development and help launch the app.

  • Good to see someone following Eebo Plus, the first honest placebo. A bit puzzled to see that PlaceboEffect claims to be just a “Placebo App” instead of a full-disclosure placebo like Eebo Plus; the difference is very important. They appear to be generating some press with their crowd funding shtick (one would hope that a team of 12 doesn’t actually need $50K to build an app). Kudos to the newcomers for getting the word out.

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