mHealth Startup Lands Mobile Brainwave Tracking Patent

9-1-2013 6-29-58 PM

Mobile health startup NeuroCoach announces the receipt of a new US patent protecting innovations the company has made bringing mental health training into the mobile ecosystem. The latest iteration of NeuroCoach is the result of five years of development and two rounds of UK government grants. Developers working at NeuroCoach are exploring technologies capable of supporting sustained behavior change on a mobile platform.

NeuroCoach is accessed through an app that wirelessly synchs with a head set that records a user’s brainwave activity. The app analyzes this activity to identify the user’s most receptive state of mind. The app then delivers a personalized therapy session, similar to a traditional face-to-face session, but mental state is constantly monitored and content to support the desired behavior change is adjusted in real time based on the user’s response. 

NeuroCoach is working with the UK’s National Health Service about piloting the platform for use treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a stress related disorder.

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