mHealth-Supplemented Weight Loss Programs Produce Greater Results Than Traditional Dieting

12-12-2012 10-00-38 PM

A new study from the Archives of Internal Medicine finds that weight loss treatments which integrate mobile technology — such as calorie-counter apps and digital pedometers — result in overall greater rates of success for patients.

A 12-month randomized study followed 69 patients divided into two groups. The first group was enrolled in a traditional weight loss program held by the Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic. The second group was enrolled in the same weight loss program, but their programs were supplemented by integrating mobile health technology into their weight loss program.

12-12-2012 9-57-22 PM

The results showed a definitive advantage for the mobile technology-supplemented group, who lost an average 6.8 pounds, or 3.1 percent more weight, and had significantly greater odds of having lost five percent or more of their baseline weight at each checkpoint over the course of the study.

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