Mobile Health Tracking on Diabetes Social Network


Alliance Health Network, a Salt Lake City-based startup focused on public health work within social networks, has created a mobile and web tool to allow diabetic patients to track blood glucose and HbA1C values and share the information over Diabetic Connect, the world’s largest diabetes focused social network. The same standard privacy features we’ve come to expect from any social network are in place to allow the patient/user to limit access to the information to specific friends.

While one might think that the average patient would not want to share personal health information in such a way, Alliance points to its own users as the inspiration for the new health tracking tools.

“For years we have had members of Diabetic Connect self-report their health data on an ad hoc basis, in part because they want to hear from people like themselves who are also struggling to manage their diabetes.  Our new health tracking tool makes it easy to socialize that information and in the process get valuable support from others who can empathize and provide much-needed support.”

The desire to integrate personal health goals with social networks is a growing trend that is being capitalized on by fast to react app developers. MapMyRun, allows joggers to post run routes, distances, and times via Facebook integration. Fit-efy will allows users to plan and post fitness goals for the week including calorie limits, weight loss, and exercise sessions. QuitSmoking displays a table on the user profile that perpetually updates based on the date and time they quit smoking with a calculation of how much money they have saved and how many days they have added to their life by quitting smoking. 

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