Mobile Winners from Q4 2012 – Apple and Samsung

2-6-2013 6-24-50 AM

New data out on smartphone sales and usage finds Apple and Samsung to be the big winners from the last quarter of 2012. Samsung was in second overall for smartphone sales last quarter at 30 percent, while Apple held on as the top-selling smartphone maker with 39 percent of the market. Of the five best-selling smartphones models last quarter, Apple made three of them (iPhone 5, 4S, and 4). Apparently the cheap and free versions of the older iPhone 4s are helping fuel sales.

Samsung, with its Galaxy phone that I seem to see everywhere these days, gained nine percent market share from a year ago. The overall market share for Android was level.

In related news, Apple continues to hold the top spot in mobile traffic, which includes both phones and tablets, with 61 percent of the market. Android has 24 percent of mobile traffic.

I wonder what the numbers look like for clinicians? Historically what I’ve read is that iPhones account for about 60 percent of smartphone use by doctors, with Android at close to 35 percent. Doctor smartphone adoption numbers are basically the reverse of the general public.

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