Mood Ring Meets Activity Tracker in the W/Me Wristband

5-29-2013 8-58-27 PM

A Kickstarter project launched by Mountain View, CA-based startup Phyode has introduced a new concept to the activity tracker market: quantified wellness. The W/Me wellness tracker, much like your garden variety activity trackers, pairs a wristband with a biometric sensor and a supplemental mobile app. The difference between the two is in the data.

W/Me aims to provide a more holistic view of wellness by monitoring the body’s automatic nervous system, including breathing patterns and heart rate. The device guides users through rhythmic breathing exercises and helps highlight correlations between heart rate and breathing to overall mental state.

An LED display provides a customizable view of data being captured by the tracker. The wristband claims a one-week battery life and supports wireless synching via Bluetooth connectivity.

The Kickstarter project has earned $93,000 of its $100,000 goal with 33 days left to continue fundraising.

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