Moves Launches Android Version of Their Activity Tracking App

9-23-2013 2-22-44 AM

Moves, currently only available on iOS, announces that it will launch an Android version of its popular activity tracker app. The app uses the accelerometer in Apple devices and uses the data to replicate the functionality of a traditional activity tracker, monitoring steps taken throughout the day, as well as distance walked versus run or cycled.

The app, created by Helsinki-based startup ProtoGeo, has generated 2.5 million downloads since its January 2013 launch. CEO Sampo Karjalainen attributes this success with the simple fact that the app is free, and that it works well and is easy to use. 

9-23-2013 2-21-44 AM

The company has been evaluating expansion into non-Apple waters for a while. With activity tracking companies like Jawbone’s UP opening data up to APIs, Moves is also evaluating an expansion there, providing an overlay that would aggregate data from UP with data from the smartphone accelerometer, and displaying it all on the Moves app.

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