New Personal Coach and Fitness Tracking Startup Raises $13.4 Million Series A


Menlo Park, CA-based activity tracker startup GOQii, pronounced go-key, has closed a $13.4 million Series A funding round led by prominent digital health investment firm New Enterprise Associates and Chinese mobile communications developers Cheetah Mobile. The round also included investments from DSG Consumer Partners, Great Wall Club, and a number of angel investors. Since its launch in 2014, GOQii has raised several angel-backed seed rounds, though funding totals from those rounds were not disclosed.

GOQii is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur and angel investor Vishal Gondal. After selling a video game startup to Disney for $100 million in 2011, Gondal has been investing in businesses and working on his own next project, GOQii. The new company is an activity tracker and personal coaching app rolled into one. The team behind GOQii claims that the platform was designed from the ground up to deliver sustained end-user engagement, something that both activity trackers and personal fitness apps have struggled to deliver.

GOQii is predominantly a subscription-based personal coaching app. Subscribers to the service are provided a free GOQii fitness tracker that contains an accelerometer that can track daily steps, and sync that information back to the GOQii app via Bluetooth. The tracker appears to be a bare bones option for users that do not already own a tracker of some sort, but for those that do, GOQii integrates with both Fitbit and Jawbone devices.

The app itself is designed around the relationship between a user and their coach. It provides live chat, step counting, sleep tracking, food and water intake tracking, and a goal-setting feature that lets users and coaches establish fitness goals and work together in pursuit of them. GOQii reports that its coaches will be certified health and fitness professionals with “a track record of success,” and with specialization in sports nutrition, women’s health, weight loss, stress management, and mindfulness. GOQii expects that its platform will allow one personal coach to engage with 60 to 70 users per day. This regular, ongoing personal engagement is the cornerstone of what it says is a platform designed with engagement in mind.

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