New Technology Could Create X Ray Vision Smartphones

12-18-2012 3-27-37 PM

X-Ray vision has been a dream of every American boy since the promises of mail-away X ray vision glasses that littered the backs of most comic books and Boys Life magazines were frustratingly broken.

This week, a glimmer of hope is unveiled as electrical engineers Ali Hajimiri and Kaushik Sengupta of the California Institute of Technology announce a new chip, capable of capturing and processing Terahertz radiation images, that are likely small enough to be imbedded in the smartphones of the future.

Terahertz radiation, similar to X rays, can penetrate solids to produce images consistent with what one thinks of when talking about x-ray vision.

Terahertz is the same frequency band used by airport security scanners, and while general consensus affirms the safety of exposure to these devices, exposure risks measured at the level possible if the technology was embedded in smartphones has not been thoroughly evaluated.

There would also, naturally, be some privacy concerns. Still, put one in the win column for America’s disillusioned boys.

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