News 10/22/10


Mobile patient monitoring app maker Airstrip teams with Sprint to offer bundled remote monitoring solutions to facilities and enterprise customers over Sprint’s 4G network.

Researches in Pittsburgh and Australia find the iPhone to be an effective tool for ophthalmologists to remotely evaluate ophthalmic images for rural hospitals and EDs.

University Medical Center (MS) TelEmergency program has delivered remote emergency care to rural facilities for over 150,000 patients since 2003, becoming a program cited by CMS for its success.

Home healthcare provider ParaMed jointly develops a blackBerry-based  home heathcare app with CellTrak to enable home nurses to capture data at the point of care.

Walgreens partners with Epocrates to provide mobile Epocrates users with Walgreens Prescription Savings Club (PSC) formulary information, enabling prescribers to make informed decisions about meds based on out-of-pocket costs to patients. Most surprising to me was that a recent survey found 80% of physicians changed prescribing based on information in Epocrates.

Chicago areas hospitals are integrating iPads into practice across multiple specialties and for multiple functions. The University of Chicago will be providing iPads to all internal medicine residents within the next month.


A 55% projected growth in heath monitoring market has lots of big players are trying to get into the game. Honeywell HomMed leads the pack with 15.4%, but other large vendors like Bosch and Phillips are moving up quickly.

Mobile application innovations in the UK will empower patients and improve outcomes for the NHS.

It’s  been a while since we reported on telemedicine services for incarcerated patients. The University of Illinois at Chicago just got a $7 million grant to treat inmates with HIV.


Floyd Valley Hospital (IA) uses well@home home monitoring devices to allow patients in specific acute settings to monitor vitals from home.

Cisco claims that the iPad’s success is not dampening interest in and potential demand for the new Cisco Cius Tablet. From a price perspective, I can’t really figure out how Cisco is going to be successful with a price of $1,000 compared to the iPad or other competitors like Dell.

United Arab Emirates telcom carrier Etisalat announces its new “Value SMS” service for subscribers, which allows users to get customized health advice for preventative care as well as acute care consultations.


PharmaTrust launches version 3.0 of its pharmacy dispensing machine called MedCentre. Features include multi-language video consultation and menus, rapid dispensing, and capacity for over 2,000 medications.

A recent report from the UK finds that an automated pharmacy dispensing system installed and accessed by iPads used by pharmacists and clinicians have resulted in estimated savings of ~$1 million.

A Berlin telemedicine center partners with Alcatel-Lucentis to provide “preclinical emergency care and home care for chronically ill patients”.

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