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The mHealth Summit took up most of last week, so we haven’t had the usual news posts. We’re back on track now.

From Deja Vu All Over Again: “Note to bright-eyed entrepreneurs who have not been in the health care industry a long time: the existing HIT vendor mafia has always been much more effective in squashing innovation from disruptive outsiders to maintain the status quo than competitively innovating against each other. If you fashion yourself as David vs. Goliath, make darn sure that God is on your side before you start hurling rocks. Therefore, there will be a great deal of opportunity for those niche companies that focus on meeting the needs above by complimenting the old guard entrenched HIT vendor systems, but with an eye towards explosive disruption when they are embedded, delivering value, and the market timing is right.”


Congratulations to HIStalk Mobile Founding Sponsor Voalte for being recognized as one of the top healthcare vendors by CRN magazine. Other notables sharing the spotlight include Panasonic,Phillips, Siemens, Sprint, Toshiba, and Research in Motion.


Airstrip and Physio-Control announce AirStrip Cardiology, which enables providers to view ECG data from EMS crews using LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator / monitors.

Johns Hopkins releases the POC-IT Diabetes Guide, a smart phone app that helps providers get evidence-based advice at the point of care.  This is the third POC-IT app developed by Hopkins, with the other apps focused on antibiotics and HIV.  The apps are distributed by Skyscape.

Above is a video demo of McKesson Medisoft EMR on the iPad.


UBM Medica releases PhotoClinic Mobile, which provides clinicians with searchable, image-based clinical information.

More on Ashifi Gogo and Sproxil, the company that provides an SMS service to verify the legitimacy of medications in Africa. This is a very cool service that is being funded by the pharma companies.


Dubai Healthcare City launches an iPhone application to help locate providers in the free zone.

UPenn connects its PA-based clinicians to patients and providers in Botswana to provide teleconsultations in dermatology, radiology, cervical cancer, and oral health. 


Welcome to Thomson Reuters, a new Platinum Sponsor of both HIStalk and HIStalk Mobile. The company offers the Clinical Xpert solution suite, which delivers real-time data to clinicians via the Web and a variety of smart phones (Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, and the just-added iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). Clinical Xpert has been the KLAS Category Leader for Mobile Data Systems for eight years in a row. It gives providers tools to improve quality and reduce cost without changing the underlying IT systems, including a pharmacist dashboard, a surveillance tool to prompt clinicians to intervene, the patient information app, a billing system (powered by Ingenious Med), and a handoff tool. Thanks to Thomson Reuters for their support of HIStalk and HIStalk Mobile.

A new report projects that 500 million smart phone owners, or roughly 35%, will be using mobile healthcare applications by 2015. The report also found that 43% of the 17,000 currently available health apps are built for providers. 


Littmann unveils its Scope-to-Scope Tele-Auscultation System, which allows real-time, remote assessment of heart sounds.

John Brumby proclaims that if his party is returned to power he’ll provide $12 million to buy all doctors in Australia’s public hospital system iPads.

A human resources blog says that mobile health apps should not be the first place employers are spending benefits money.


Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the mHealth Summit, here are the big financial wins for mHealth that came out of the conference:

  • HP commits $1 million to the mHealth Alliance over two years to improve health systems using mobile technologies;
  • The Rockefeller Foundation gives the mHealth Alliance $1 million to use mobile technologies to improve health in low- and middle-income countries;
  • The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) joins the mHealth lovefest with a $1 million grant to the mHealth Alliance to support its Maternal mHealth Initiative.

I’d like to start incorporating some focused commentaries, guest posts, product reviews, and interviews in HIStalk Mobile. There is more than enough in the mHealth space to fill these categories, but let’s hear your suggestions. Or, if you have an interest in writing a guest post, e-mail me.

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