News 1/14/10

IQmax has been busy developing channel partners. First, they announce a partnership with Fast Chart to provide the IQmax web-based mobile dictation platform to Fast Chart customers. IQmax then announces a partnership with 3M Health Information Systems to offer IQmax’s enterprise mobility technology with 3M’s dictation and transcription solutions. In other words, IQmax is the little man behind the curtain of 3M’s recent entry into mobile dictation capture. (For more information about IQmax’s market strategy, check back later for an exclusive interview with Paul Adkison, IQmax CEO and Founder.)


For their part, 3M HIS announces the release of their next generation unified services platform – Platform 7, Feature Pack 2 [rolls off the tongue quite nicely]. The latest version promises streamlined provider workflow, increased transcriptionist productivity, and improved document accuracy. I have to say, I like 3M’s style – extending their solution through a cool partner app while simultaneously enhancing their core technology. Why can’t all companies think like that?


MedApps and Meridian Health launch remote monitoring pilot for CHF patients. Meridian Health will deploy HealthPal devices in combination with the HealthCom web-based application to monitor patients discharged from acute-care settings with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) on a near real-time basis to improve outcomes and reduce hospital re-admissions.

Krames Patient Education

Krames Patient Education releases Krames iPatientEd for the iPhone. The application features 118 animations spanning 22 medical specialty areas, many with English and Spanish narrations.

Another cool app for the iPhone to further detach people from humanity – expectant fathers can now watch an ultrasound on their iPhone. My father, whose second child was born while he was playing golf, would simply love this technological breakthrough. Ok, ok, ok … to be fair – I see real-world use cases where this can have a major impact [thinking incarceration, but will keep to myself].

Honeywell Dolphin 9700

Honeywell introduces new ruggedized digital assistant. The Dolphin 9700 device runs on the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, and supports a host of slick features including, 3.7” high-res display, bar-code scanner, 45-key QWERTY keypad, video camera, GPS, and plenty more… Most impressive – you can right hook someone with this device, while taking their picture and it won’t miss a beat.

Finally, I came across a couple of good articles that discuss some of the challenges related to deploying enterprise mobility, primarily related to security. The first, by Ryan Faas of ComputerWorld, poses the question – “Should your IT department support the iPhone”. The second, by Kurt Lennartsson writing for eWeek, discusses how to use data encryption to secure mobile business data. 

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