News 12/15/10


The New England Healthcare Institute issues a new report on tele-ICUs, based on the experience from three-hospital pilot in Massachusetts. The conclusion of the authors is that tele-ICU could save the state 350 lives and $122 million per year. What is also interesting, to me at least, is that the investments in technology were recovered within one year.


Intel is conducting a telemedicine pilot in rural parts of India to provide specialized care (medical records, images, ECGs) outside of tertiary care facilities.

Ericsson is looking to roll out its Mobile Health Solution across Vietnam next year. The company is moving forward with mHealth and e-Health initiatives to connect the 70% of the population of Vietnam that is rural with mostly no access to healthcare. Ericsson hopes to use health initially before moving to other mobile services, such as banking and education.

In “social media gone wild” news, a Twitter-crazed woman sends 104 tweets during her labor and recovery to keep friends and family in the loop. She should have had her providers follow her tweets — they could have written it up as a remote monitoring, social media, mHealth pilot.


Massive food maker Kellogg launches the myPlan app for iPhone and Android. The app is the source of mobile content related to Kellogg’s Special K Challenge. It provides users with weight loss tools, diet plans, motivational messages, and meal tracking.

Emerson Network Power, a division of Emerson, announces its Healthcare Integrated Portable device (HIP) built on Chinese IT solutions provider Neusoft’s Xikang healthcare platform. The device is basically a hardware solution for remote data collection and is built to be integrated in Neusoft’s health information systems platform.

Dan Feinberg of Northeastern University rains on the mHealth parade at Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, telling developers and fans of mHealth that consideration of human nature is essential to successfully develop mHealth solutions and services. 


Philips says it will move strongly into the inpatient wireless monitoring space, with plans to introduce sensor technology in the near future.

CenTrak and VIXIA install CenTrak’s RTLS solution at Mission Hospital (CA). The article is very complimentary about the pace of the install, which tagged 1,400 pieces of equipment in less than four weeks.

The UCLA School of Nursing issues in iPod Touch to all nursing students. It’s pre-loaded with an all-in-one nursing application called Nursing Central, Medical Spanish, and NCLEX Review.

Planned Parenthood of East Central Iowa will merge with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, triggering reaction that the controversial “tele-abortion” service offered by the Heartland organization will be extended to new facilities.     

Travis Good is in his final year of an MD/MBA program and is involved with multiple health IT startups.

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