News 1/6/10

Before getting into healthcare specific news items, I would like to offer up my prediction for 2010 – It’s going to be a big year for mobility. The truly insightful predictions that I seem to be coming across a lot lately, it being the new year and all, go so far as to predict an explosive year.

One such subtle, nuanced sign… the Apple App store tops 3 billion downloads.  And if the iPhone’s success were not enough, excitement continues to grow in anticipation of Apple’s tablet expected to be unveiled later this month and to begin shipping as early as March.  Rumor further has it that, not to be outgunned (again) by Google, Apple has just acquired mobile advertising company Quattro Wireless for $275 million.

Nexus One

While Apple tackles the advertising business, Google enters the consumer device market with the official unveiling of Nexus One.  Less than a week into the new year, and I think it’s safe to go ahead and label 2010 as an explosive year for mobility.

Google Finance

Closer to home, InfoLogix (NASDAQ: IFLG) announces a 1 for 25 reverse stock split.  As expected, the market’s response is not favorable, but the reverse split is no doubt tied to last month’s financing arrangement and part of a bigger plan.

Ingenious Med wins a 2009 Mobile Star Award for Healthcare Practice Management.  Congrats. I also have it from a reliable source that Thomson Reuters is partnering with Ingenious Med to replace the MercuryMD charge capture solution.  That makes two wins by my count.

MedApps receives necessary certification for its remote patient monitoring solution to allow marketing throughout Europe and Canada.

Finally, Continua Health Alliance demos the first end-to-end connected health solution based on Continua Standards at CES.  Solution partners, and Continua members, include IBM, Nonin Medical, and Vignet Inc.  And, yes, this sounds a lot like HIMSS’ Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, but this is CES in Sin City.  Let’s hope it’s a little more exciting.

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