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Flight Board Atlanta

Sorry for the delayed news entry. I am currently traveling and have been somewhat affected by the weather in the Northeast. In fact, my ten year old daughter and I were stranded overnight in Atlanta without our luggage which had been checked through to Seattle. We were stranded because our first flight was delayed close to two hours as the airline scrambled to assemble a crew. Even with the lengthy delay, we still had a shot of making our connecting flight. Halfway into the boarding process, though, all of the overhead bins were full and the attendants spent at least 30 more minutes trying to get bags sent to the cargo hold. So this brilliant policy of charging passengers $20 per bag resulted in dozens of passengers missing connecting flights, additional labor for special handling of bags which ended up in the same place anyway, and a massive inconvenience for everyone. I guess my point is that we still have lots of room for improvement when it comes to mobility.

In the news …


iTriage helps 2010 Winter Olympic Spectators. Healthagen, developers of the iTriage application, have added medical facility information and mapping of healthcare facilities around Vancouver to their app to assist Olympic goers in the event of an emergency. The free application was developed by two emergency medicine physicians who saw a need to put more healthcare information in the hands of patients. The application boasts a point of care healthcare decision support engine that is superior to other conventional search engines.


Motion’s C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant enhances care at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHBFT). According to Motion Computing, UHMBFT has deployed more than 300 Motion C5 clinical assistants (MCA) to help reduce potential medication errors and save 10 percent of the drug budget as a result of more accurate prescribing and medication administration. The C5 was developed in collaboration with Intel and the NHS. The 1.3kg device is a highly mobile, ruggedized PC that features an integrated barcode scanner, RFID reader, digital camera, and smart card reader.

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Health launches Facts & Comparisons Mobile Web Platform. The mobile Web platform – which has been optimized for viewing via iPhone and iPod Touch devices – currently provides access to Facts & Comparisons’ A to Z Drug Facts, which can be searched using an interactive Word wheel that displays the first four words from the drug lexicon that match what the user is typing. According to the Company, Facts & Comparisons Mobile was developed in response to customer demand for convenient access to drug information via smart phones… I sure hope they didn’t conduct a market survey to reach that conclusion.

Sorry for the limited news. It would appear that a lot of companies are holding back for HIMSS, which like the bags everyone decided to carry-on to the plane, will quickly inundate our capacity come March.

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