News 2/26/10

PatientKeeper and NextGate form partnership for Health Information Exchange. Under the partnership, PatientKeeper will offer NextGate’s Enterprise Master Patient Index solution as an option for its customers. NextGate’s MatchMetrix™ Suite for EMPI will connect with the PatientKeeper Platform™ to provide a single view of patient information to enhance PatientKeeper’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) capabilities… Paul Brient discusses PatientKeeper’s HIE rationale in a recent interview.


Healthy Travel Media announces world’s first mobile app for medical tourism. Publishers of the Patients Beyond Borders series is developing the HealthTraveler iPhone app. The application will allow patients and international travelers to quickly find the highest-quality, American-accredited hospitals and clinics in the world’s 50 most-traveled tourist destinations. HealthTraveler is expected to be released in the Fall of 2010… What? In the Fall? We’ll all be using iPads by then. Is this what it takes now to claim a “first” in the iPhone app race? Well, at least they have their app icon.

3M Mobile Dictation

3M Mobile Dictation runs on iPhone. 3M Health Information Systems announces the release of 3M Mobile Dictation on the iPhone platform. 3M Mobile Dictation for Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones was previously announced back in December.

Hospitalists at Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare choose MedAptus for point-of-care charge capture. BIDHC, a network of primary care physicians, will roll-out the web-based version of MedAptus’ Inpatient Edition at three area hospitals…For anyone not familiar with the company, MedAptus is one of the original pure-play mobile charge capture companies like PatientKeeper. Over the years, the company has remained tightly focused on providing charge capture and intelligent coding solutions to large ambulatory and inpatient-based practices. Congrats on the win!

Epocrates Palm webOS

Epocrates launches beta version of its software for Android devices, and then in quick succession announces a beta version for the Palm webOS platform… So, either the order of the releases is a statement about Epocrates’ view of relative importance or (what I believe to be the case) the two different development teams raced to see who could get a beta version out first. By my reckoning, the Palm webOS team is buying pizza and beer for the Android team on Friday night somewhere in San Mateo. Stay tuned for the results of which team had the fewer bugs.


And what about AT&T? The success of the iPhone and the never-ending supply of new applications has taken its toll. We’re all familiar with the grilling AT&T has taken for poor network performance. Stop the presses! AT&T roars back in PCWorld’s second 3G wireless performance test. After registering the lowest average download speeds in PCWorld’s 3G performance tests last spring, AT&T’s network turned in download speeds that were 84 percent better than the numbers from eight months ago. Even more, AT&T’s latest download speeds were 67 percent faster on average than those of the other three largest U.S. wireless providers – Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon… Just in time for the iPad.

Speaking of network performance testing… VeriWave launches “Mobile Healthcare Test Suite” to maximize performance, and minimize risks of WiFi deployments. The Mobile Healthcare Test Suite is the first unified solution addressing performance, interoperability and onsite testing throughout development and deployment. The suite includes: WaveClient, for performance testing of WiFi-enabled devices and the network; WaveInsight, for device interoperability testing; Interference Detection and Avoidance; and the Healthcare Master Test Plan.

Voalte Blackberry

Voalté launches point-of-care solution for Blackberry smartphones. The Voalté One application, originally developed for the iPhone platform, now enables users to send and receive text messages, make voice calls, and receive critical care alarms on BlackBerry devices… I’m pretty interested to see the HIMSS’10 Interoperability Showcase.  Among a bunch of cool demonstrations, Philips will be showing off the Emergin alert management platform interfacing with Voalté One for the iPhone. I’ll let you know what I think.

Speaking of integration, Vocera will be demonstrating how some of their communication devices integrate with key workflow solutions, including PatientKeeper, Epocrates, AirStrip and AeroScout. It looks like the race is on for the perfect unified mobile communication platform.

Patient Care Technology Systems announces the availability of auto-ID hand hygiene monitoring system. The Amelior 360° Hand Hygiene solution uses real-time locating system (RTLS) technology, disinfectant dispenser attachments and PCTS’ dynamic tracking and workflow automation engine to automatically and continuously monitor staff members’ compliance with defined hygiene and infection protocols… Pretty slick use of multiple technologies to monitor a serious problem. Now if they could just extend this to daycares and elementary schools.

My next post will be from Atlanta, HIMSS’10. I make no promises, but I will try to post every night, no matter how scattered and non-sensical my thoughts are after a marathon of product demos and interviews. Can’t wait!

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