News 4/20/10

I finally had the chance to stop by the local Apple retail store to check out the iPad. I have to say…not quite what I expected. As always, and really this goes without saying, Apple has created a gorgeous device that resembles art more than science. And the dozens of people groping to get their hands on one of the many devices being displayed like artwork would back me up on this. Once I got past the shock and awe, however, my innate craving for the newest, coolest gadget (from Apple no less) was quenched. Why? I just couldn’t see using it… Let me take that back. I think this is a perfect device for plane trips. I could absolutely see myself – snugly packed into a seat – watching a movie. I could let the device sit on the tray, put it in my lap… maybe even hold it for a few minutes. Best of all, I could effortlessly slide my hand into my bag and pull it out 10 minutes after lift-off. Don’t have to worry about opening a laptop. Don’t have to worry that I can’t get my laptop to open once the person in front of me crushes me with their seat back. Yes, the perfect flight companion. Anywhere else, I’m not so sure. When I first saw the specifications, I couldn’t believe it only weighed 1.5 pounds. When I held it in my hands, I couldn’t believe how heavy 1.5 pounds is. With its sleek and smooth lines, there’s not much to grab onto with the fingers. My hands are starting to sweat just thinking about it. I guarantee you a lot of devices are going to be hitting the ground. I haven’t seen any dropped iPads, but I’ve seen plenty of dropped iPhones. Not a pretty sight. Now that I’ve had the chance to play with the iPad, I’m thinking a tablet needs to be in the 5 to 7 inch range, somewhat ruggedized, and half the weight. For healthcare, needs to be heavily ruggedized, anti-microbial, etc…

Dell Streak

No sooner said… Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked. According to Engadget, which first obtained images of the devices, Dell will be adding 7-inch and 10-inch versions to the Dell Streak 5 (previously named Mini 5). All 3 tablets will run on the Android OS. The Streak 5 is expected out this summer, with the Streak 7 to follow towards the end of the year, and the Streak 10 at the beginning of 2011. Not much is known about the 7-inch and 10-inch models as Dell has not officially announced. However, prototype models of the Streak 5 have been floating around for a couple of months. The device is not just an internet-enabled mobile device. It also serves as a 3G phone. No sooner will the HTC Evo arrive with its 4.3-inch screen this summer only to be trumped by the Streak 5 where screen size is concerned.

Mediquations Medical Calculator now available for iPad. Originally developed for the iPhone, the Mediquations Medical Calculator, with 214 clinical scores and formulas, has been redesigned specifically for the iPad.

Medic8 Manager

Came across an article in MedCity News by Brandon Glenn discussing the Personal Caregiver app by Medic8 Manager, LLC which was launched in January. The application joins a handful of others that are trying to tackle the medication compliance problem. I believe it is the first medication reminder software that has an integrated drug database – though I’m not sure who is providing the drug data.


Unbound Medicine releases new 3rd Edition of RNotes. RNotes is a quick-reference application that provides nurses with the latest clinically-focused content. The new edition includes: nursing-focused topics, full color images, tables and charts, and personalized favorites.

Meine Klinik

The folks over at Healthagen continue their tidal wave. They partner with Asklepios to deliver a German version of iTriage called Meine Klinik… Austin Immediate Care announces partnership with Healthagen to include medical and facility information in the iTriage application, and promotes their story with the local Fox News channel… Healthagen collaborates with leading marketing firm to take their message global… And what do they have to show for the tireless effort? According to the company, their user-base is growing by the thousands and last week they made it into the top 5 of iPhone healthcare apps… Congrats!

Finalists for the TripleTree I Award for the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance announced. The finalists are competing in three categories- Best Operational Effectiveness Solution, Best Clinical Application, and Best Consumer Experience Solution. The twelve finalists are: AirStrip Technologies, Calgary Scientific, CellTrak Technologies, Corticare, Great Connection, Hopskipconnect, InnerWireless, Ocutronics, PerfectServe, PharmaSecure, Zeo, Inc., and ZMQ Software Systems.

Vodafone Americas Foundation and mHealth Alliance announce winners of wireless innovation competitions. Winners of the Second Annual Wireless Innovation Project were: First Place – 100 Million Stoves, Second – FrontlineSMS: Credit, Third – Sana (previously MocaMobile). Sana also won the first mHealth Alliance Award for innovation in mobile health.

Accenture releases a mobile report entitled “The Dawn of a New Age in Healthcare: An early look at the market for networked devices in mHealth”. It’s any easy to read slide presentation in PDF, so worth perusing.

Linea Pro

Finally, in addition to checking out the iPad at the Apple store, I had a chance to take a good look at the iPhone bar code scanner that the reps are carrying around. I’ve heard some grumbling in the past that the iPhone didn’t have a true bar code scanner, which limits its medication administration and specimen collection roles. The accessory is manufactured by a company called Infinite Peripherals. The casing includes its own battery source, bar code scanner, and magnetic card reader.

  • Re iPad: Your appraisal is on the lines of most people I’ve read around the web, in a take-it-or-leave-it sense. The dropping point especially has been mentioned repeatedly by everyone I’ve read. I could see it used as a presentation assistant, but since it has no hookups I’d have to carry the base around with me to hook it up to a projector. If I have to carry that around, then I might as well stick with my sturdier powerhorse laptop. The iPad has a lot or promise, but I think it will take a few versions before it lives up to what Apple claims. I’m personally excited about Notion Ink’s Adam, but still no word on when (if?) it will be released. I think other tablets that can capitalize on any shortcomings in the iPad will probably reap the rewards this year.

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