News 5/21/10

Palm Pre ATT

Palm Pre Plus now available on AT&T… I just read through a bunch of reviews from people who purchased the Pre from AT&T and have had the device for all of two days. Pretty much all glowing reviews, mostly from people coming off of an iPhone. I, on the other hand, have just started using an iPhone 3GS after using the Pre on Sprint for nearly a year. I love the iPhone. I also loved the Pre when I first got it. I was coming off a Blackberry at the time. I feel like the iPhone is just a much more evolved device, but who knows? Maybe it’s just new gadget infatuation. I will say this to Pre newbies – the battery life is atrocious (which many have already identified), but worse, the software freezes periodically and it takes like 5 minutes to reboot. I kid you not. When I fly, it literally takes from the time the plane touches down until it reaches the gate for it to turn on. Everyone else has already checked their email and made a phone call. It’s a little embarrassing actually. It will be interesting to see how webOS evolves under HP.


PatientKeeper announces availability of mobile clinical results on the iPad… Not much to add to this other than kudos to PK for being among the first out the gate on the iPad, and more importantly for doing so as a native application. I think it is a key approach that separates true mobility companies from those that dabble… i.e. a smartphone, or a slate for that matter, is not just another end-point.

And for such effort… HMA chooses PatientKeeper for enterprise-wide CPOE. Health Management Associates, Inc, with 55 hospitals and 8,400 licensed beds in non-urban areas located throughout the US, has selected PatientKeeper CPOE software because of its focus on supporting the way physicians work and its ability to integrate into Health Management’s existing technology infrastructure. I have to say, right in PatientKeeper’s sweet spot – community-based hospitals, leverage existing infrastructure, help organizations achieve meaningful use through engaging software that supports clinical workflow. In other words, if more organizations focused on the details (native application vs. web app), including overall user-experience, they might be able to get some mileage off of meaningful use. There are a number of companies out there that could take a similar tact, so it will be interesting to see how PatientKeeper’s marketing strategy pays off.

Hoag hospital selects emergency department automatic patient tracking from Patient Care Technology Systems for their new Irvine facility.

ResMed S9 Series

ResMed partners with Mach Communications and KORE Telematics to deliver the world’s first wireless sleep telemetry solution. KORE Telematics, the world’s largest digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, announced it has partnered with Mach Communications, Australia’s leading specialist M2M network provider and leading sleep-apnea equipment developer, manufacturer and distributor ResMed, Inc. to provide a robust global communications platform for the company’s new series of respiratory medical devices, the S9 Series.

Lexi-Comp awarded contract as drug information provider for the Military Health System (MHS). Under the contract, which is valued with option years at $10 million, all MHS Active Duty, Reserve, and Guard healthcare personnel across all military treatment facilities, including 59 hospitals and 364 health clinics, have access to Lexi-Comp’s 23 medical and 9 dental databases.

PEPID launches its application for the Google Android smartphone. The company’s content and clinical decision support tools already operate on iPhone, Blackberry, Palm webOS, and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Projects in Knowledge launches iPhone app. The continuing medical education provider releases its first iPhone app, Living Medical Textbook Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis 2010 Edition.


neXante turns Apple’s iPhone into skin cancer surveillance tool and health record. Developed by Bright 50, the neXante Skin Cancer Surveillance Support Suite includes applications titled xBCC Skin, xSCC Skin, and xMM skin, respectively on Basal Cell Cancer, Squamous Cell Cancer, and Malignant Melanoma of the skin. Each application has neXante’s DermTracker, a customized electronic health record that not only tracks and stores images of the skin, but also allows for recording the diagnosis, pathology, and treatment of each skin lesion.

Finally, two worthwhile reads in InformationWeek, both by Nicole Lewis: “Execs view telehealth as a game changer” and “Healthcare lagging on enterprise mobility”.

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