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The recent HIT market analysis by RNCOS, which predicted the overall HIT market would grow by 24% from 2012-2014, predicts specific growth in the mobile health market to be 22% from 2012-2014.  The mHealth growth will be driven by increasing smart phone and tablet adoption, especially by providers.


A study from UMass Memorial Hospital of tele-ICU care vs. traditional ICU care finds tele-ICU to be associated with reduced mortality and length of stay as well as higher rates of adherence to best practices. The study included over 6,000 patients admitted to seven ICUs.

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The mHealth Summit announces that Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs will be a keynote speaker at this year’s event. Qualcomm will also have its extremely large Wireless Health Pavilion on the event’s showroom floor.


Akvelon announces Health Guard, a Windows 7 Phone mobile app to manage Microsoft HealthVault PHR. Maybe making the PHR mobile will drive more people to use it, as was predicted last year in a report that called mPHR a game changer.

The video above is a demo of bant, which is a Bluetooth diabetes app that links to Twitter and can be used in combination with rewards for positive health behavior. It seems pretty cool to me and I definitely see it having traction with a younger crowd.

Waldo Health announces a remote EKG system to assist providers in following and treating heart patients. The device monitors patients at home, does automated interpretation, and sends the data to a clinician to examine and act upon. It sounds good as long as you have a clinician who is being paid to interpret and care for remote patients.

The CORE Institute and Gentag announce a new wireless, Near Field Communication (NFC) device to monitor pressure and temperature in post-op surgical sites.  The NFC monitoring device works with any NFC phone to collect and transmit data. The device initially is tailored to orthopedic procedures.


Tablet patient check-in company Phreesia wins TripleTree I Award for Operational Effectiveness at the Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit.The solution improves collections at the point of care, which providers need help with.

A new report, Global Patient Monitoring System 2010-2014, by TechNavio, predicts that the remote monitoring market will grow by 5.2% annually to reach $9.3 billion in 2014.

I stumbled on this story from New Zealand about a company, Vensa Health, that just got a $250,000 grant from the New Zealand government. Vensa does appointment and targeted health reminders via SMS. The only part worth reading is really the comments that rip Vensa for being a basic appointment reminder system that other industries have been using for years.

A new text4baby campaign to try to boost enrollment is creating competition between states to see who can get the most users registered on the system. I’m not sure the State Enrollment Contest, which will run until October, is a good sign or a bad sign for text4baby as it might indicate a general lack of demand and not lack of awareness of the program.

The CEO of Nvidia, which makes the processors for many of the new Android Honeycomb tablets, says that sales are sluggish compared to iPad because of problems with retail, marketing, and pricing. I think this sounds about right, though retail and pricing issues and even marketing issues are not that easy to overcome against the iPad right now.

Travis Good is in his final weeks of an MD/MBA program and is involved with health IT startups.

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