News 5/6/11


ClearPractice announces “rapid adoption” of its iPad EMR, Nimble, since its release last September. I didn’t see any numbers for how many users it actually has and was wondering if anybody had a sense of this? My guess is that it’s not too many if they didn’t include the specific number in the press release.

Alcatel-Lucent partners with MMRGlobal to integrate remote monitoring data from Alcatel-Lucent’s Telehealth Manager into MMRGlobal’s MyMedicalRecords PHR. The partnership extends the PHR to a more complete medical record.

Alcatel-Lucent also announces a partnership with UPMC to collaboratively develop a suite of telemedicine tools to empower virtual clinical encounters. The applications are targeted to be released by 2013.


Online patient portal and HIE company MEDSEEK acquires Third Wave Research Group, a customer intelligence and analysis company, opening the door for MEDSEEK to expand its patient experience offering to a more complete patient relationship management (PRM) tool for health systems that use its portal. PRM is getting a lot of attention these days, though I think the ROI for providers is still hard to sell.

3M launches 3M Mobile Physician Solution to allow physicians using 3M’s technology for coding to manage patient schedule, dictate, and accurately capture charges. The solution works on Apple, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Has anybody heard of  It is a Web site where users pay to post health-related questions that are then answered by docs. According to this story, they are adding 1,900 registered users per day and have a total of 6.7 million users. The site is run by an Indian company, but 85% of the users are from North America and the company has commercial clients like McAfee and EMC.


St. Joseph Health System partners with Emerge.MD for telehealth, or virtual, care workflow. Initial use will be for St. Joseph’s telehealth pilot but expansion is planned to other virtual care areas such as in-home and mobile in the future.

HealthONE ERs in Denver roll out Remote Presence Robotics to deliver telestroke care to patients. HealthONE plans to add on telemedicine services for pediatrics and psych. The company advertises its stroke service in Denver very aggressively.


Another Tenet facility, Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake (TX), launches a mobile app (iOS only) with facility information, provider searching, and ED wait times, for which the app just loads the full size hospital Web site with the wait time listed. Tenet seems to be releasing this app 1-2 facilities at a time.

Blue Mountain Health System and Lehigh Valley Health Network, both in Pennsylvania, sign a partnership in which Lehigh will deliver remote infectious disease care. The remote system will use a camera, stethoscope, and HD audio/video to deliver care.

I just saw that I missed a Mobile Healthcare Technology Summit yesterday in Houston. The focus of the conference was on mHealth in the acute care setting. The event was hosted by Smith Seckman Reid.

Travis Good is in his final year of an MD/MBA program and is involved with multiple health IT startups.

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