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Machine-to-machine communications company Cinterion partners with medical product maker TZ Medical to build Aera-CT, a mobile telemetry solution with embedded cellular connectivity. The monitor detects certain common arrhythmias and alerts physicians and caregivers according to user-defined preferences.  According to the product Web page, the device can also alert emergency response personnel in the event of a life-threatening rhythm.

A clinical trial in Singapore assesses the effectiveness of a wrist-worn device from HealthSTATS to remotely monitor blood pressure and heart rhythm. Information is sent over a cellular connection and the integration of all of the components is being done by HP’s Mobile Health Monitoring Solution.

Evidence In Motion (EIM) releases EIM PT Mobile for Apple devices. It pushes customized, evidence-based news to users in the physical therapy industry. This seems like a cool application for the broader healthcare market. Online services are available for sending daily journal feeds — they just need to be mobilized.


A new Apple mobile app, MoodKit ($4.99), is released by two psychologists. The app does mood tracking, but also claims to provide tools to help people engage in “’natural antidepressant’ behaviors”.

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SHL Telemedicine showcases Smartheart ECG at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. The $500 device turns an iPhone into a user-friendly wireless ECG. I honestly don’t see this having much impact. How many people who are experiencing an acute cardiac event: 1) have an iPhone plus a $500 ECG attachment, and 2) would bother to hook themselves up to a monitor when they have chest pain?


Everybody seems to be smart phone-enabling clinical devices right. The new PhoneOximeter can detect oxygenation levels in remote settings and has been tested for anesthesia in Uganda. It seems like this could be used in the US for things like remote monitoring or home care, but it depends how much value real-time data adds to that already being collected by home care personnel.

EXTENSION launches Device Messaging to allow health providers to send secure text messages over hospital networks. The solution sounds like a HIPAA-compliant version of SMS. The release claims it is compatible with “ANY” device (iPhone, Android, Vocera, Ascom, Cisco).


Infant formula maker Enfamil gets into the pregnancy app game with its own ExpectingBaby app. It’s sort of like the Enfamil and Pampers bags that are given to new moms after delivery to hopefully build brand loyalty.

A new act, the Servicemembers’ Telemedicine and E-Health Portability Act, is added to the new defense spending bill. It would ease rules on providers credentialed by the Department of Defense to cross state lines to and presumably deliver care remotely.


Verilogue, which provides a tool for providers to record interactions with patients at the point of care, launches to assist with patient and provider interactions. The site allows patients to store and share conversations with providers as well as listen to provider / patient recordings from similar patients. It has both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Verilogue is leveraging its existing recording technology, mined by pharmaceutical companies, to target patients to help increase the number of recordings.

Travis Good is an MD/MBA and is involved with health IT startups.

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