News 7/16/10


NogWorld releases DocNog California for the iPhone. The app allows users to search for providers, add an appointment, refer to family/friends, and comment/rate providers.

Synapse Wireless and Proventix Systems jointly develop nGage, a wireless system for monitoring health worker compliance with hand washing protocols. Just last week we reported on another wireless hand washing monitoring system from HandGiene.


Saint John’s Hospital (IL) chooses Amcom Mobile Connect for unified smart phone communication. 


Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center (MA) launches its own iPhone app to provide patients with facility and provider information as well as communicate with providers via e-mail.

A new JAMA article finds improved pain and depression outcomes for cancer patients receiving telecare and automated monitoring. (Kroenke K, Theobald D, Wu J, et al. Effect of Telecare Management on Pain and Depression in Patients with Cancer. JAMA 2010;304(2):163-171)

Atlantic General Hospital (MD), which provides wait times for its ER, lab, and X-ray services on its Web site, announces that an iPhone wait times app is in the works. 


Medical publishing behemoth Elsevier launches Top Doc game ($14.99) for the iPhone, which tests and hones the diagnostic skills of medical students and residents. Scores can be posted to Facebook, but they should really allow for tournament and/or head-to-head play to give students and residents another platform for competition and comparison.

In more Elsevier news, it also releases Procedures Consult Mobile to provide clinicians with smart phone access to videos and information on over 300 common medical procedures.

The FCC will propose $400 million to bring broadband to over 12,000 rural healthcare providers.

Telemedicine Consulting Network, a nationwide healthcare professional services provider, names Kevin Friedman, DO as medical director.

A study from Cleveland Clinic finds that remote home monitoring of patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators “is safe and allows more rapid detection of actionable events compared with conventional monitoring in patients with implantable electronic cardiac devices”. (Varma N, Epstein AE, Irimpen A. Efficacy and Safety of Automatic Remote Monitoring for Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Follow-up. The Lumos-T Safely Reduces Routine Office Device Follow-Up (TRUST) Trial. Circulation; 2010 July 12:Epub)

Vocera Mayo

Mayo Regional Hospital (ME) installs Vocera’s communication system for the safety of employees by providing direct, hands-free access to local law enforcement.


Cardiac Science Corporation, a global manufacturer of cardiac devices, releases CareCenter MD, which allows physicians to simultaneously monitor ECG and stress tests over a Bluetooth wireless connection.


Fujutsu announces the release of a “new electronic paper-based outpatient guidance solution” that “connects electronic card holders (made by Fujitsu General) utilizing electronic paper (e-paper) with both a patient navigation system, which guides patients to examination rooms or diagnostic testing rooms in medical facilities, and an electronic medical record system”. The system allows patients the freedom to roam as they wait to be alerted that the doctor is ready to see them.

CMS Telehealth, which provides remote connections between providers and patients, is appointed the official reseller of MedApps’ wireless remote monitoring system for NJ and NY.

Anthem Blue Cross will provide telemedicine services to Medi-Cal members.

Cisco TelePresence is launched in Tunisia.

This is a nice piece on the vision, evolution, and leadership of the West Wireless Health Institute.

Help desk service company OTRS announces its free iPhone app which allows help desk personnel to respond to requests while on the go. 

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