News 9/10/10

University of Kansas Medical Center, University of Missouri, and University of Oklahoma jointly launch Heartland Telehealth Resource Center with $980,000 grant.  Admittedly I’ve spent very little time in any of the three states, but I was still surprised that 90% of the counties are rural.


mdHub launches the mobile version of The Little Blue Book, the physician directory formerly distributed on paper by WebMD. It also includes pharmacies, hospitals, and health plans. I don’t exactly understand the pricing model, which is based on regions, but I’m sure you can figure it out if you’re interested.

A new PricewaterhouseCoopers report finds that 40% of respondents would be willing to pay for a mobile device and a monthly fee to “send text and e-mail reminders to take their medications, refill prescriptions, or to access their medical records and track their health.” About half of that 40% said the subscription would have to cost less than $5 per month.

Practice management company Anesthesia Business Consultants partners with ePREOP for clinical integration between office and surgery settings. The ePREOP platform also provides clinical guidelines aimed at lowering costs and improving outcomes from surgical procedures.

Interactive app developer Modality announces four new Elsevier anatomy titles available for In App Purchase within the ModalityBODY iPad App.

The Bethesda Hospitals’ Emergency Preparedness Partnership (BHEPP), established to respond to mass casualties, chooses Versus Advantages RTLS for a patient tracking initiative.

US Tele-Medicine (CA) launches its “Center of Excellence” Program to drive referrals of virtual patients to certain facilities it designates as “telemedicine approved”.


The Valaam Monastery (Russia), pictured above, deploys the Cisco Tandberg solution for the monastery’s new telemed center. The island gets 110,000 visitors a year but is only accessible by helicopter in winter and spring.

St. John’s Hospital (IL) chooses Amelior Tracker by Patient Care Technology Systems for RTLS equipment tracking.

Medical device behemoth St. Jude Medical acquires 19% of CardioMEMS for $60 million. CardioMEMS produces a wireless heart sensor that has been shown to reduce hospitalizations in heart failure patients.

Thinix releases its Touch VDI virtual desktop system, which apparently improves the touch experience provided by VMWare for users accessing virtual MS computers on touch-enabled devices.  The video is pretty cool.

FHN Memorial Hospital (WI) uses eCare Team at University of Wisconsin Hospital to provide tele-ICU care.

Navara releases its newest version, 6.2, of its Mobility Suite, enabling enterprise software vendors to quickly mobilize applications to Windows, BlackBerry and now iPhone devices. The first user of version 6.2 — Allscripts.

Aneesh Chopra, Sec. of Technology

Aneesh Chopra, the first national CTO, will deliver the keynote at the mHealth Summit in DC in November. The lineup for the summit is becoming more impressive every day. The list from the article includes “Dr. Francis Collins, NIH Director; Ted Turner, Chairman, the United Nations Foundation, Bill Gates, Co-Chair, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Dr. Julio Frenk, Dean of Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health”.

Physician executive Dr. Richard Eidinger is appointed to board of secure mobile platform developer Diversinet.

Trey Lauderdale, VP of Innovation at Voalte, will present at the BlackBerry Clinical Collaboration Summit in Boston on September 15 to discuss the use of Blackberry devices for clinical communication.

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