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Here’s an article about the founder of San Diego based NeuroVigil. The company’s iBrain is a small, non-invasive, portable device for monitoring brain activity at home. Better yet, it has algorithms to make sense of the signals and the ability to transmit the data. Currently targeted towards sleep disorders, the device has great potential in many other conditions. We recently reported on another collaboration out of Chicago to develop a continuous remote monitor for patients with epilepsy.

A new study out of George Washington University examines the accuracy of physician diagnosis of acute injuries based on patient-taken cell phone images and patient questionnaires.


Eric Dishman of Intel has a nice post on the definition, expectations, and biases of mHealth.

The University of Minnesota offers teledermatology screenings to fairgoers at the Minnesota State Fair (the video is from last year’s fair). After attending the fair last year and having everything from fried snickers to beer-on-a-stick, I think some primary care services around nutrition and exercise might also be of value.


Deloitte calls mPHRs, or mobile device enabled PHRs, the "killer app”. mPHR, as Deloitte describes it, would collect info as well as provide customized health guidance to users. 

Iowa forms a committee to study use of video and electronic communication in healthcare. The issue has been hotly debated in Iowa as opponents of Planned Parenthood’s telemedicine system have been very vocal.


Cisco provides remote healthcare to rural areas of India hit by flooding. The project, to be completed within two years, is to “construct 3570 houses, two schools, and one primary health care centre”.

GlobalMedia’s Transport AV system contains exam camera, digital stethoscope, mic, and headset which transmit data from ambulance to ED docs over 3G network.


Sutter Health partners with Healthagen to provide members with symptom checking and facility information via the iTriage mobile app.

The iPhone is replacing the stethoscope and other equipment, though this article highlights limitations to new mobile applications in the UK from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

CarolinaEast Medical Center (NC) uses Specialist On Call to provide teleneurology specialty support to the emergency department.

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The new Insurance Finder widget can be embedded in any Web site to assist those looking for insurance based on geography and basic demographics.

Orville Hospital (CA) is one of the first to join the new California Telehealth Network.

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