News 9/3/10


Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab, a smaller, 7-inch tablet built on Android OS and with support for Adobe Flash. The US launch will be in the coming months and priced between $200 and $300. Samsung says this will be the first of a line of Galaxy Tab tablets of different sizes.

The Nevada Hospital Association gets a $19.6 million grant from the Department of Commerce to build telemedicine network focused on unserved and underserved areas.


ReachMD, which we recently profiled, expands its partnership with Pri-Med to launch two new initiatives: 1) Pri-Med Live CME Event, which is a 15-minute expert interview followed by interactive Q&A and 2) Inspired to Act, which consists of compelling and motivational stories from modern medicine, broadcast on ReachMD XM160.

Telehealth is seen as key to reducing cost of chronic diseases in the UK, as these conditions currently account for 69% of health spending there. They represent roughly 75% of healthcare spending on this side of the pond.

NIH Logo

The NIH will lead two tracks, Healthy Behaviors and Innovative Mobile Technologies, at the mHealth Summit in DC in November.

Ohio State University Medical Center reduces time to cardiac cath by 30 minutes by transmitting EKGs wireless to cardiologists’ smart phones. Additionally, the news story also covers the wireless applications being used by OhioHealth.

Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto (MS) is also using wireless EKG transmission over Verizon 3G from first responders to waiting physicians.

Pharmacy Times

The leading journal for retail pharmacists, Pharmacy Times, is released on the iPad.

“Wawanet”, a service which sounds like the text4baby service we’ve reported on, is rolled out by the Inter-American Development Bank in Peru. The program will provide 5,000 pregnant women and new moms with timely health information over SMS.


Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre (India), a 1400-bed facility, teams with SANA, an open source Android-based healthcare delivery system, to detect cancer at early stages instead of late stages as typically is the case in underserved part of India. 

Summit Data Communications, which builds modules to connect wireless medical equipment to computers, is rated the fifth-fastest growing computer hardware company in the country. The company has seen sales growth of 516% the last three years.

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (EHSI) completes internal testing of an e-911 mobile app that transmits medical info to first responders when 911 is dialed.

Another approach to getting health information to first responders is from (iB, which allows users to create online profiles which are then queried by EMS on arrival at the scene. The iB information is linked to stickers, key fobs, and cards that users are supposed to carry with them. Cost is $10/year.

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  • I went over to the Samsung marketing page for their tablet yesterday, and while I have no idea how it will compare “in the wild” with the iPad, the web presence was amazing. I did a short comparison over at my blog. While I’m normally against all Flash websites due to accessibility and standards issues, in this case I think Samsung made the better choice to really get someone hooked on their product idea.

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