NHS Announces Mobile Accessible Care Plans for All Patients With Chronic Conditions

9-30-2013 10-49-30 PM

In England, the National Health Service announces an initiative that will ensure that all NHS patients being treated for a chronic condition have a personalized, digital care plan established for them and accessible either online or via a mobile app by 2015.

The program, “Transforming Participation in Health and Care” has been structured to build a patient-centric platform to guide patients in care decisions. The program will encourage entrepreneurs to develop add-on tools to aid patients in this process. The program will also aim to educate caregivers and disadvantaged communities through an online health literacy program that will deliver training, support, and tools to improve health and wellness understanding in local communities.

In later stages, the program expand its scope to begin aggregating and reporting data in a Patient Insight Dashboard that will help the NHS begin performing population health, measuring metrics and outcomes that accurately reflect the state of the people.

The program will also facilitate stronger public outreach programs for the NHS. One will strive to represent the opinions of UK citizens during decision-making processes within the NHS board.  Another will organize a volunteer program to help promote health at the community-level.

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