NHS Piloting Personalized Health Education Distributed Via Television

11-14-2013 5-33-47 PM

In Scotland, the National Health Service is rolling out a new program that will deliver personalized healthcare tips and education to citizens through their television sets, video game consoles, smartphones, and computers.

The program, called Living it UP, or LiU, was initially piloted in Scotland with 5,000 patients that acted as beta testers. Feedback from this trial was used to refine the services offered over the platform before a broader rollout was attempted. The platform is now being offered to residence across six regional care delivery areas, which will result in an estimated 55,000 additional users.

From its earliest days, LiU has been designed as a community-based organizational platform that would promote local activities and groups to others within the community that would benefit them either physically or mentally. The platform helps users set chronic disease related health goals, and then pushes actionable information about the local resources at their disposal to support the effort. Workshops are also being conducted across the nation by community members, for community members. The workshop focuses are publicized on the LiU platform and target patients, physicians, and caregivers. Health Secretary Alex Neil said “LiU looks at care in a rounded way, not just treating people as patients but linking them into their local community and helping them to pursue interests that keep them healthy.”

Users are encouraged to help create new local organizations or workshops that can be promoted across on LiU. They are also encouraged to communicate with each other across the platform, sharing their own experiences and the activities or techniques that have helped them manage their chronic conditions.

Personalized health education videos are also being broadcast as part of LiU as part of an effort to improve patient understanding about their condition. In addition, LiU will support one-on-one telehealth conferencing to connect users with healthcare professionals on an as-needed basis.

The initial focus is to deliver services to the 50+ community, but NHS reports that eventually the program will be expanded to support patients of any age living with chronic conditions, or just trying to get healthier.

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