ONC Announces Winners From Its Blue Button Codeathon

ONC announces the winners of the recent codeathon it held to foster innovation within the Blue Button initiative. During the event, programmers were given 36 hours to come up with an idea, and then design and code a working prototype.

There were two challenges that teams could work on. The first challenge was for developers interested in building applications to help physicians care for patients better by capturing and displaying patient-generated data from medical devices, activity trackers, and diet/nutrition apps. For this ONC worked with Validic, a REST API that connects data from more than 75 mobile health apps, wearables, and in-home medical devices, to offer access to a range of sample data.

Three winners were announced from this track:

11-11-2013 8-12-24 PM

Edge Interns created a remote patient monitoring platform for mental health professionals. The platform extracts sleep, activity, and fitness data from connected devices, then supplements that information with a weekly mental health questionnaire and information from Blue Button. All of this information is displayed on a physician dashboard, optimized for desktop or mobile, to help clinicians get a snapshot view on how their patients are doing at home.

Light Hearts created a post discharge CHF dashboard to help address the very real, and very expensive, problem of heart failure readmission rates.  Heart Failure patients account for $37 billion in healthcare expenditures annually. An estimated 25 percent of heart failure patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. 

To this end, Light Hearts built a dashboard that integrates data from Blue Button, and connected devices that monitor daily weight changes, activity, and blood pressure. The system also uses a patient-facing app to track medication adherence. The data is then pushed to a centralized dashboard for clinicians to monitor from the hospital or practice. Alerts can also be automatically triggered based on sudden weight gain or medication compliance issues.

Patient Watch approached the challenge from the inpatient perspective. The team created a patient monitoring platform that uses data from connected devices to actively monitor patients for key physiological changes during their hospital stay. Physicians are alerted through the hospital EHR if a potential adverse reaction or complication is suspected.

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The second challenge asked participants to redesign the Explanation of Benefits statement, making it more patient friendly and easier to understand. As MintMD team leader Jean-Ezra Yeung says “The project was motivated by my own personal experience as a patient with many EOB documents seeking to manage costs. Codeathons with well-defined problems and use cases can help those with the business and technical know-how to create products that can add value to society.”

Three winners were also named from this category:

WTF!Denied? if nothing else, would have won most creative name, but their submission was also picked as an overall winner in the category for work they did streamlining the explanation of benefits process. The platform they created cuts through the detail and explains what was paid, by who, and what is owed by the patient. The platform is supplemented by a forum where patients can ask questions and get help in a community setting.

MintMD is working to be a middle man in the healthcare billing world. The company uses data from health insurance claims, provider bills, and insurance statements to verify that billing information is accurate. That information is then presented to the patient in an easy to understand view that will follow the patient through any changes to primary care providers or insurance plans.

Archimedes was designed as a consumer tool to help patients make informed decisions when shopping for insurance on a health insurance exchange. The system takes actual spending trends from past EOBs and uses them to forecast future health utilization. It then calculates which plans will be the best choices for that individual based on their expected health services utilization.

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