One-Third of Americans Have Plans to Buy Fitness Technology Devices in 2013

12-5-2012 11-07-22 PM

According to market analysis by the Consumer Electronics Association, 37 percent of US consumers plan to purchase fitness technology in 2013, this figure is up eight percent from 2011. A deeper look into the numbers shows a 16 percent jump in consumer usage in fitness video games, and a six percent increase in heart rate monitors and body mass index scales. 

"Consumers already own devices, such as smartphones, that are capable of being used for exercise and fitness. This year we saw considerable growth in fitness apps. This enables the devices we already own to turn into pedometers, accelerometers and distance trackers." – Kevin Tillman, senior research analyst, CEA.

46 percent of survey respondents who do not exercise reported a lack of motivation as the primary reason. The survey demonstrated a consumer association between fitness technology and motivation and increased exercise.

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