Online Clinics: Cost Savings, Patient Satisfaction, and Scalability

2-12-2013 9-32-50 PM

Minnesota-based HMO HealthPartners reports results from a two-year trial in which online clinic appointments were made available to patients. After more than 40,000 cases, the program showed a significant per capita cost savings, sustained diagnostic integrity, and exceptional patient satisfaction.

At the conclusion of the study, 98 percent of patients reported that they would recommend the service to others. Additionally, a cost savings of $88 per episode was realized compared to care received in traditional office settings. Over the two years, the service has grown to treat more than 40 medical conditions.

Online appointments appeal to patients because of shorter wait times before seeing a care provider and the overall convenience of being seen without having to leave one’s home. The service is equally appealing to payers trying to keep patient out of higher cost care areas such as the emergency department.

Scalability is limited primarily by state-level regulations that require a physician be located in the same state as the patient or that physicians have at least one prior face-to-face visit with a patient before prescribing medications.

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