Open Source Activity Tracker Raises $20k on Indiegogo in First Day

Angel Health launches an Indiegogo campaign raising funds for a health sensor bracelet that hopes to be all things for all those that love to quantify. The bracelet tracks pulse, blood oxygen level, temperature, and activity. This information is then served up through an API to any mHealth app developer that may need real time access to health metrics.

If funded, Angel would become the first open source activity tracker to provide real-time access to raw data across all captured metrics. Angel CEO Eugene Jorov says that the startups focus is providing app developers access to reliable health data that they can use to create innovative solutions, rather than contributing yet another an end-to-end tracker to an already crowded market.

The company raised $37,000, including $20,000 on their launch day, toward a funding goal of $100,000.  Contributors are promised one Angel bracelet for a $135 donation. The company is estimating a delivery of April 2014.

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