News 10/22/10

Mobile patient monitoring app maker Airstrip teams with Sprint to offer bundled remote monitoring solutions to facilities and enterprise customers over Sprint’s 4G network.

Researches in Pittsburgh and Australia find the iPhone to be an effective tool for ophthalmologists to remotely evaluate ophthalmic images for rural hospitals and EDs.


News 10/20/10

Vodafone and mHealth Alliance jointly announce the Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project and mHealth Alliance Award. Winners will get $300,000, $200,000, and $100,000. Last year’s third-place winner was Sana, the Android-based mobile platform. 

The final lineup of speakers is announced for the Mobile Health Expo in Las Vegas this week.


News 10/16/10

AT&T partners with WellDoc to market and sell WellDoc’s FDA-approved mobile diabetes management solution. The initial deployment will be internal to AT&T’s employees. 

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has an interesting post about a physician’s experience as part of a telestroke program. The most interesting part to me was the physician’s sense of joining a wider network, and feeling like a part of a broader community of providers.


News 10/12/10

Allscripts announces Sunrise Mobile MD, a native iPhone/iPod application, which provides full access to Sunrise Enterprise EHR and CPOE. Allscripts seems to be positioning this as a strategic advantage for hospitals in recruiting affiliated physicians. The press release claims the same level of security on the mobile platform. 

UCLA- engineered  cell phone lens-free microscope, which has gotten a lot of attention for its applications in the developing world, adds semen analysis as a potential application.


News 10/8/10

Harvard-MIT PhD student Ming-Zher Poh is developing a mirror that uses embedded webcams to capture heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, displaying the information to the user as well as transmitting it over the Internet.

A UCLA-led group of California academic centers receives a $9.9 million from HHS to conduct three-year, randomized trial assessing differences in transition for heart failure patients from inpatient to outpatient settings. The three groups to be compared are current standard of care, telephone monitoring, and telephone plus remote monitoring. 


News 10/6/2010

Here’s my own iPhone story. My iPhone 4 was dropped and submerged in water for several seconds earlier this week. After taking it out and allowing it to dry overnight, it seems to be working just fine, which is unbelievable to me.

An Epocrates survey of 710 medical students finds that twice as many turn to mobile devices for clinical questions than did so last year. Not surprisingly, 70% of those students use Apple devices.


News 10/1/2010

I apologize for any tardiness in my posts this month. I’m back in the hospital (privately owned, for-profit facility owned by a national organization) this month for my last clinical rotation. It didn’t make the Most Wired list, if that gives you some idea of the technology infrastructure. It’s funny because even though it’s a clinical month, I spend most of my time talking to the docs about HIT, which they know basically nothing about. OK, on to the post.

Don Berwick and Mark McClellan, current and past administrators of CMS, tout telemedicine in improving care and reducing cost, respectively, at the American Telemedicine Association Summit.


News 9/29/10

SaaS-based EMR vendor ClearPractice releases Nimble EMR, designed specifically for the iPad. The EMR works over 3G or WiFi. The first 500 providers to sign up get a free iPad.

West Wireless Health Institute names Dr. Mohit Kaushal EVP of business development and chief strategy officer.  Dr. Kaushal was formally Director of Connected Health at the FCC.

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