News 8/27/10

A new Virtual Tumor Board, based at Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (TX), provides teleconsultations for veterans suffering from cancer.

Apple News Daily has a post on mHealth and the role of Apple mobile devices in medicine. The conclusion: it’s not a mainstream tool yet and still has obstacles to overcome. I agree, but I think the author misses the point on some of the key areas of value around remote clinical data access and order entry.


News 8/25/10

Scott and White Healthcare (TX) launches an iPhone app with more functionality than most we’ve seen lately from healthcare organizations. The app does symptom checking and location/provider lookup, but goes further by allowing users to fill prescriptions and request appointments, amongst other things.

More ED wait time-related stories. This AP article outlines the reasons for posting wait times and several methods used by different health systems. MetroWest Medical Center (MA) and Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (TN) offer SMS wait times.


iPhone/iPad Healthcare News 8/23/10

By M

HTH Worldwide launches six more mPassport destination-specific iPhone apps to help travelers fid healthcare services in East and Southeast Asia. The destinations include Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Here is a good post on why iPads are taking off in hospitals.


News 8/20/10

A new study finds promising results for store-and-forward telepsychiatry. Video segments of 20-30 minutes were recorded and assessed later by psychiatrists, with only one patient requiring a face-to-face meeting.  (Yellowless PM, Odor A, Parish MB, et al. A feasibility study of the use of asynchronous telepsychiatry for psychiatric consultations. Psychatr Serv 2010;61:838-40)

A pro-life coalition plans a news conference ahead of Iowa Board of Medicine meeting Friday. The board may be reviewing a complaint filed again Planned Parenthood in Iowa for “telemed abortions.” This story has been developing for a while and we first reported about it back in June.


News 8/18/10

Nuance releases Dragon Medical Mobile Search, which allows medical professional to use voice to search online. Searches include IMO, Medline,, Medscape, and Google. The app requires registration for use, but is free for a limited time.

Spectrum Health (MI) implements Skytron’s RTLS collaborative solution, based on technologies from Awarepoint and Intelligent Insites.   


HIStalk Mobile Interviews Debby Madeira, Nurse Manager, Huntington Memorial Hospital

Debby Madeira is a nurse manager on a medical telemetry unit at Huntington Memorial Hospital of Pasadena, CA.

What’s it like as a nurse trying to care for patients while addressing all kinds of messages and alerts from many sources?

I think that the word that comes to mind for me is chaos. It is near-constant interruption, so it’s very difficult to focus at the task at hand, no matter what that task is.

One scenario that really brought it home for me is that I answered one of our landlines and it was a physician who had been trying to get hold of one of the nurses. He said the nurse wouldn’t answer the phone. She was talking on the phone to another physician, so I said, “Would you like me to ask her to hang up with that doctor?” He said, “No, could you just let her know to call me when she’s done?” 


News 8/13/10

Two-year-old startup AmeriDoc, which provides telemedicine / virtual care plans, moves operations from Florida to Texas to accommodate massive growth, with telemedicine services to hit annual revenue of $3.6 billion in the next five years.

Google and Verizon propose a policy on net neutrality that focuses on health care technology. 


To Err is Human, To Calculate is Divine

Well, saving lives is divine, isn’t it? In this era of error-intolerant information technology, the Skyscape Archimedes 360° Medical Calculator represents the class of ‘medical calculators’ that are growing in use and reliability.

Skyscape, a leading mobile health information provider, has built this tool to provide “more than 200 preprogrammed formulas that include specialties such as Cardiology, Pharmacology, Hematology, FEN, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Renal.” It’s present across multiple platforms such as the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile and the PC.

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