News 4/20/10

I finally had the chance to stop by the local Apple retail store to check out the iPad. I have to say…not quite what I expected. As always, and really this goes without saying, Apple has created a gorgeous device that resembles art more than science. And the dozens of people groping to get their hands on one of the many devices being displayed like artwork would back me up on this. Once I got past the shock and awe, however, my innate craving for the newest, coolest gadget (from Apple no less) was quenched. Why? I just couldn’t see using it… Let me take that back. I think this is a perfect device for plane trips. I could absolutely see myself – snugly packed into a seat – watching a movie. I could let the device sit on the tray, put it in my lap… maybe even hold it for a few minutes. Best of all, I could effortlessly slide my hand into my bag and pull it out 10 minutes after lift-off. Don’t have to worry about opening a laptop. Don’t have to worry that I can’t get my laptop to open once the person in front of me crushes me with their seat back. Yes, the perfect flight companion. Anywhere else, I’m not so sure. When I first saw the specifications, I couldn’t believe it only weighed 1.5 pounds. When I held it in my hands, I couldn’t believe how heavy 1.5 pounds is. With its sleek and smooth lines, there’s not much to grab onto with the fingers. My hands are starting to sweat just thinking about it. I guarantee you a lot of devices are going to be hitting the ground. I haven’t seen any dropped iPads, but I’ve seen plenty of dropped iPhones. Not a pretty sight. Now that I’ve had the chance to play with the iPad, I’m thinking a tablet needs to be in the 5 to 7 inch range, somewhat ruggedized, and half the weight. For healthcare, needs to be heavily ruggedized, anti-microbial, etc…

No sooner said… Dell Streak tablet lineup leaked. According to Engadget, which first obtained images of the devices, Dell will be adding 7-inch and 10-inch versions to the Dell Streak 5 (previously named Mini 5). All 3 tablets will run on the Android OS. The Streak 5 is expected out this summer, with the Streak 7 to follow towards the end of the year, and the Streak 10 at the beginning of 2011. Not much is known about the 7-inch and 10-inch models as Dell has not officially announced. However, prototype models of the Streak 5 have been floating around for a couple of months. The device is not just an internet-enabled mobile device. It also serves as a 3G phone. No sooner will the HTC Evo arrive with its 4.3-inch screen this summer only to be trumped by the Streak 5 where screen size is concerned.


News 4/15/10

Apple previews iPhone OS 4.0. Apple is touting the iPhone OS 4.0 as the biggest and most exciting iPhone software update yet. The new OS includes more than 100 features, including: multi-tasking for third-party apps; unified email inbox; enhanced enterprise support with improved security, management, wireless app distribution, and more; Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising platform; and iBooks, the company’s new ebook reader and online bookstore recently debuted on the iPad. In addition to the preview, Apple released a beta version of the new OS, which includes an updated SDK.

Simbionix introduces their first mobile app for surgical education. The company, which provides medical education and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) simulator products, created an interactive mobile application for training medical professionals. The first application, developed for Johnson & Johnson, is a course about umbilical hernia repair using a partially absorbable mesh patch. Simbionix will be releasing a library of mobile apps to address a variety of medical topics and procedures.


HIStalk Mobile Interviews Peter Hudson, MD

Peter Hudson, MD is Co-Founder and CEO of Healthagen

When did you decide that you wanted to start this company? Can you just walk us a little bit through what’s happened over the last couple of years from inception to where you are today?


HIStalk Mobile Interviews Scott Storrer

Scott Storrer is President and CEO of MEDecision

Thank you for joining us today. To get things started, can you tell me a little bit about MEDecision’s history and the evolution of the company?


News 4/8/10

comScore reports February 2010 U.S. mobile subscriber market share. Smartphone ownership is up 21 percent to 45.4 million people from December through February compared to prior 3 month period. According to the report, RIM owns 42.1 percent of the market, with Apple coming in second at 25.4 percent. The trend seems counter to a lot of recent discussion about RIM. Apple’s stagnation is not surprising, given their limited market – makes speculation about a Verizon Wireless CDMA-supported iPhone later this year all the more logical. The biggest gainer – Google Android. Biggest loser – Microsoft. Palm’s declining market share is perhaps more foreboding than Microsoft’s. Palm is losing share in the wake of a full-on press with the Pre and the Pixi.

Apple to discuss iPhone OS v4.0 on April 8th. No sooner than the iPad’s out the gate, Apple is hosting an invitation-only event on Thursday to discuss OS v4.0. Little is known about the event, but luckily that does not prevent speculation. Most likely to be disclosed – multitasking, higher screen resolution, support for a second camera, unified email inbox, and next generation hardware. Apparently Apple’s not planning on sitting on that 25 percent smartphone market share.


News 4/5/10

iPad is on the street. And initial response? So far, pretty much what we expected – great consumer device, but lacking in a number of ways that could limit its business role. First-day sales estimates of the iPad are 700,000 units sold. Not bad for a day’s work. If you’re among the early buyers, send me an email and tell me what you think.

Research In Motion (RIM) posts strong quarterly earnings, but share price falls amid concern. Despite a 13 percent increase in net income compared to last year, the average price of a BlackBerry handset sold to a carrier was $311 last quarter versus the $320 estimate. The company estimates the average price per handset will further drop to between $305 and $310 this quarter. While RIM’s market share remains strong, it continues to decline. Speculation of a CDMA-enabled iPhone for Verizon casts further doubt on RIM’s outlook. The company’s share price fell by more than 7 percent following its earnings call – the company’s biggest decline in six months.


News 4/1/10

New iPhone for Verizon Wireless? According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple plans to begin producing a CDMA version of the iPhone later this year. While the vast majority of the world uses the GSM standard currently supported by the iPhone, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp. and a handful of cellular operators in countries including South Korea and Japan operate on CDMA. Does this signal the end of AT&T’s exclusivity – which is largely credited for making AT&T the dominant smartphone leader? According to comScore Inc., AT&T has over 43% of all U.S. smart-phone customers, compared with 23% for Verizon.

iPad in stores this Saturday at 9am. If my survey is any indication of interest, I suggest you arrive early if you hope to get one this weekend.


News 3/26/10

iPhone provides vital link to medical records. This is a pretty interesting case study by Apple and Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, with a slick video to boot. You might think this is an overt statement to RIM – the fact that Apple’s healthcare enterprise ‘coming-out’ party is in Toronto, about an hour drive from RIM headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario. There’s more to it, though. Mt. Sinai has developed an in-house iPhone app called VitalHub for displaying patient records, test results, vitals, as well as access to the hospital’s repository of medical literature. More than just an app, VitalHub Corp., a Mount Sinai Hospital company, appears to be making preparations for a formal launch.

Healthagen launches new iPhone version of its consumer-focused healthcare information app. iTriage 2.0 vastly improves the search capabilities for finding healthcare providers and better connects medical symptoms to the specific physicians who treat those conditions.

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