Partners Healthcare and Samsung Join Forces On Remote Patient Monitoring


Partners Healthcare announces a new remote patient monitoring initiative that it will spearhead in partnership with Samsung Electronics. The project will bring Samsung’s software and hardware expertise and Partners’ disease management expertise together in an attempt to develop software tools that will improve patient engagement, increase medication adherence, and help patients control their chronic conditions.

The initiative will focus on designing remote monitoring tools that will allow partners to track a discharged patients key medical data, including blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight. With remote access to this kind of information, Partners’ hopes to develop new tools that will be able to identify problematic trends in the disease processes long before a patient would have become symptomatic and turned up at their doctors. By catching small problems before they become big problems, Partners hopes to establish a more effective overall chronic disease management strategy and simultaneously improve patients overall quality of life and drive down the cost of care in the community.

The project is being run by Partners’ senior director Kamal Jethwani, MD, MPH out of Partner’s Center for Connected Health Innovation, who says “This project represents the start of how smart technology, intelligent algorithms and world class clinical expertise can be combined to change the paradigm of care delivery."  Jethwani will lead the team through the development phase of its project and then launch a clinical trial in June to begin validating and quantifying improvements to care delivery and cost containment.

The announcement does not disclose financial details, nor does it provide additional detail on the kinds of apps that are being developed.

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