Pediatric Telemedicine Services Tied to Increased Revenue and Market Share

7-18-2013 1-23-31 AM

Researchers with the University of California Davis Children’s Hospital publish a study that measured changes in net revenue for hospitals before and after pediatric telemedicine services were implemented. The study was conducted in a competitive market where more than one pediatric specialty hospital was available. The children’s hospital started providing telemedicine consultations for the 16 local community hospitals that referred patients to the facility.

The study tracked financial changes across a seven-year period. After implementing telemedicine services, net revenue, professional billing revenue, and market share all increased. On average, per-hospital revenue increased by $101,744 per year and professional billing revenue increased by $24,000.

The study concludes that implementing telemedicine in a competitive healthcare region resulted in an increase in transfers to the hospital, which had a positive effect on both market share and revenue.

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