Personalized Medicine Startup Tute Genomics Raises $2.3 Million Series A


Tute Genomics, a personalized medicine startup working at the intersection of genetics and digital health, announced today that it has raised a $2.3 million Series A led by UK-based Eurovestech. Peak Ventures, along with a handful of angel investors, provided additional capital to complete the round. For a genetics startup, Tute has made remarkable progress with the little VC money that it has taken on thus far. Prior to its Series A, Tute raised a $1.5 million seed round, and has taken no institutional capital.

Launched in 2012, Tute developed a cloud-based genome analytics platform that takes in sequenced genome data, analyzes it, and returns clinically meaningful information that can be used to personalize treatment plans. Not only is the platform fully developed, but Tute has analyzed 10,000 genetic samples thus far. With its flagship product built and tested, Tute managed to sign several early customers, including clinical labs, research firms, and molecular diagnostic companies. In addition, Tute is marketing an API to software vendors so that they can add genetic data analysis to their own applications. The API is already being used by two oncology system vendors, and the Patients Know Best personal health record.

“One of the main barriers to making personalized, genome-guided medicine a reality is data analysis, and Tute’s platform drastically decreases the complexity and cost of analyzing genomic data sets. With the support of our new and existing investors, this financing will help us achieve our goal of transforming healthcare by bringing genomic insights into routine medical practice.” – Reid Robison, MD MBA, CEO of Tute Genomics.

With a finished product to sell and early customers lined up, Tute returned to investors in a good place, having already generated an impressive amount of traction from its $1.5 million seed round.  Peak Ventures participated in the original seed round in 2012, and returned for seconds in the company’s Series A.

Now, with funding locked up to grow the company, CEO Reid Robinson hopes to capitalize on the growing movement toward incorporating genetic data in clinical decision making.

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