Personalized Nutritional Supplements Tailored To Your Genetics and Activity Levels


Nutritional supplement startup WellPath announces that it will begin offering personalized supplement regimens for its customers based on data it collects through an online health and wellness survey, as well as through new integration links with both 23andMe and FitBit. The company, which launched in 2014 on an undisclosed angel investment, has been building its online, direct-to-consumer supplement business since its launch by marketing it as a personalized nutritional supplement; initially the company focused solely on the health and wellness data collected through its online survey. With this information, WellPath reports that it will mix up a personalized blend of nutritional supplements and package the resulting powder into either pills or flavored shakes.

Customers sign up for extended memberships with WellPath and can tailor the ingredients included in their pills over time by reporting on the effects they are experiencing. If a customer notices that their stress levels are increasing, or they are more tired than normal, this information can be reported back to WellPath and adjusted supplements will be shipped out in the next delivery. WellPath also lets customers set and track fitness goals, whether they be adding muscle mass, losing weight, or training for a marathon. Depending on the goal, the supplements will be mixed to provide customers with the nutritional intake needed to engage in that kind of training.

Now, with some traction underfoot, WellPath is expanding its access to personalized data so that it can further hone its personalized supplements. Through integration points with 23andMe and Fitbit, the company will begin evaluating an additional 46 unique data points as part of its personalized supplement mixing process. The new data points will be combined with existing fitness goals and health and wellness survey results to create a full picture of health.

While genetic variables do affect nutritional requirements to some degree, a far more compelling partnership for WellPath would be one with Quest Diagnostics, or Silicon Valley darling Theranos. Nutritional supplements, largely designed to round out dietary intake, would be more effective if they were being mixed to balance the fluctuating vitamin deficiencies that many consumers have periodically, but largely ignore.

For now, the new supplements are selling for $40 per month for personalized daily pills, or $50 per month for shakes, Fitbit and 23andMe testing not included.

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