Pew Research Center Releases mHealth 2012 Survey


The Pew Research Center releases the Mobile Health 2012 survey findings today, covering a broad spectrum of mobile trends and behavioral measurements. Among the findings:

  • One in three cell phone owners use their phone to access mobile health information.
  • Most common mHealth adopters fall into one of the following demographics demographics : Latino, African American, between the age of 18-49, college educated.
  • 10 percent of  mobile phone owners have a health app on their phone, 19 percent for smartphone owners.

Despite widespread growth of health app options, increased adoption of health apps has plateaued for the past three years, sustaining the 10 percent rate since 2010.

“What is going to be the trigger for health app adoption given the fact that for three years running we have not seen significant growth?” – Susannah Fox, Pew researcher.

The study suggests, without any substantiating evidence, that there could be several key predictive indicators linked to health app adoption: 

  • Continued smartphone adoption
  • Clinician support and recommendation of health apps
  • Media portrayal of health apps

Considering smartphone adoption growth has been a constant presence for the past three years and has had no appreciable effect on health app adoption rates, it is hard to justify its inclusion on this list. A wealth of health organizations have flooded the markets with clinically supported consumer health apps during the past three years with an equally flat market response. Someone better get James Franco to pose with a health app, pronto.

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