Philips Partners With AWS To Connect Population Health With the Internet of Things


Philips announces that it will integrate its population health platform, HealthSuite, with Amazon’s recently announced AWS Internet of Things data exchange infrastructure. The new IoT infrastructure provides businesses that host their software on Amazon’s AWS platform a secure way of exchanging data with billions of connected devices, acting as a central hub as messages are passed between devices and cloud-based enterprise software systems. The upgrade will allow Philips to pull information from EHRs, smartphone apps, medical devices, and other health IT systems. This new capability will be used to expand the data collection capabilities within Philips’ population health platform.

Amazon announced its new IoT platform last week, and the implications for healthcare IT are vast. The new platform immediately became the gold standard for enterprise-class IoT support, and will help Amazon continue to differentiate itself in the increasingly crowded cloud-hosting market. In general, the emerging structures that are being called IoT platforms offer customers three things: device connectivity, message orchestration, and data analytics. While cloud-hosting vendors race to offer “IoT” support, Amazon is the first to market with a built-for-purpose IoT platform that separates these three needs and provides stand-alone integration and security features for controlling each facet of the overall infrastructure, resulting in a system that should be easier to maintain and more secure.

Philips will use this technology to scale its new patient relationship management product, HealthSuite, which it spent the last year co-developing with HealthSuite includes two applications thus far, eCareCoordinator and eCareCompanion.  eCareCoordinator is the clinician-facing side of the population health management system. It provides users with a daily snapshot of the population, and allows clinicians to drill down to the patient level to review the patient’s health metrics, update the care plan if needed, and exchange messages with the patient. This information is then sent to eCareCompanion, the patient-facing side of the population health platform. Here, patients fill out health questionnaires and enter key information, like their weight and blood sugar levels, which feeds into the clinicians population health platform. With the addition of Amazon’s IoT platform, the eCareCompanion will have much more robust data collection capabilities, which should minimize the amount of manual data entry required of the patient, and thus boost overall patient engagement with the system.

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