Pixie Scientific Unveils Digital Baby Diapers

7-9-2013 8-57-35 PM

New York City-based Pixie Scientific unveils a high tech diaper that monitors pediatric health and integrates data with an accompanying smartphone app. The diapers contain a color changing test strip capable of testing urine for kidney dysfunctions and urinary tract infections. Users snap a picture of the test strip with the accompanying smartphone app, which interprets the test results and stores information for long-term trending. The app stores historical data  that can alert parents of other conditions that develop over time, such as dehydration.

The diaper will be marketed both to consumers interested in monitoring the health of their infants as well as to NICU and pediatric hospital departments. The diaper is expected to be piloted at Benioff Children’s Hospital of the University of California, San Francisco this September.

The diaper will require FDA approval before it goes to market. Pixie expects it will retail for approximately 30 percent more than regular diapers.

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