Population Health Startup GNS Healthcare Raises $10 Million Series C


Cambridge, MA-based population health startup GNS Healthcare announces that it has closed a $10 million Series C funding round. Existing investors Cambia Health Solutions, California’s Heritage Provider Network, and Japan’s Mitsui & Co. joined new investors Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Celgene Corp., and Gi Global Health Fund. The new round follows a $10 million Series B from January 2014 and an $8 million venture round from May 2015. Since its 2000 launch, GNS has raised $44 million, with the vast majority of those investments coming in the last five years.

GNS Healthcare is a data analytics firm at its core, leveraging machine-learning algorithms to risk stratify patient populations and recommend personalized intervention sets for each high-risk patient that have been shown to deliver a positive ROI in other, similar patients. The result of all this number crunching, it says, is a big data approach to population health that works. The team says that its algorithms will evaluate multiple possible interventions for a patient, and then create a multi-modal plan of attack that is most likely to achieve the desired outcome. It then calculates the forecasted cost of moving forward with the recommended interventions and compares that with the forecasted cost of care without additional interventions, resulting in an ROI calculation for each individual within the population.


For medication adherence, GNS analyzes outcome improvements across a number of outreach strategies, including direct mail, call center reminders, pharmacist engagement, and a glow-caps program. These outcomes are analyzed as stand-alone interventions and as part of a multi-pronged medication adherence initiative. Success rates are captured and analyzed based on patient demographics, individual medications, and chronic conditions. A program is then recommended for each patient based on the cost to run that program and the anticipated savings the health system or payer would likely net by improving the patient’s adherence rates.

In another case, GNC used machine learning to create models for forecasting the rate of progression from pre-diabetes to Type 2 diabetes for individual patients. For this, GNC analyzed EHR data from 24,000 patients to establish its prediction models, and then validated the models by feeding them historical information from 190,000 patient records to confirm the algorithm’s overall accuracy.

GNC markets its platform to nearly all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including health systems, payers, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and foundations. In a press release announcing the new funding round, GNC reports that it will use the new capital to move its platform into a cloud-based architecture.

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