Prescribed Software Concept Nets Reflexion $4.5 Million in Startup Cash


Reflexion, a San Diego-based startup, secures $4.5 million in seed funding to expand development of the Reflexion Rehabilitation Measuring Tool (RRM), a Kinect-based physical therapy software solution which the company will market as “prescribed software” for in-home use by consumers.

The intent of the product is to monitor at home exercise routines of patients undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation, enable on-the-spot corrections, ensure proper technique, enable tracking milestone accomplishments, and allow physicians and physical therapists to monitor patient in-home progress electronically over time.

Rather than marketing as a direct-to-consumer solution, Reflexion intends to market to doctors and physical therapists as resellers of the system. A similar business model is being pursued by Jintronix, a startup from Montreal that won Montreal’s International Startup Festival in July. Despite this, Reflexion CEO Spencer Hutchins reports that competitive pressure is low at this point and that there is enough room for more than one player in the $30 billion-per-year musculoskeletal rehabilitation industry.

Reflexion is the second startup coming from the West Health Incubator, a for-profit entity owned by telemarketing billionaires Gary and Mary West. The goal of the incubator and the associated West Health Investment Fund is to spur innovation which will reduce the cost of healthcare. 

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